Custom Precuts

Precut Glass Custom Designs, Colors & Discounts

Can you cut custom shapes?
Since all our designs are made by ourselves in our studio we are able to make custom designs. Send us a few photos of your idea and we can create a custom precut.

We have a design fee of $15+ which is charged once no matter how many precuts you order. Design fee price goes up based on complexity. We will occasionally waive this fee IF we want to add the design to our shop but it must be my original design. I cannot waive this fee for one-off customs. You can order the design again in the future without a design fee. Once you pay it we only charge the cost of the precut.

I cannot accept customer .svg files of designs to waive the design fee. My machine requires I create the files myself for accuracy. 

There is a $50 minimum order for custom precut designs. Precut price depends on the number of pieces and glass color/COE. You can get an idea of final price based on the size/color/coe you want compared to our other precuts. 

Custom sales are final

Do you offer custom colors for precuts?

Yes! We have a wide variety of 96 coe and stained glass (for mosaics) in every shade and opacity (message with glass color and opacity needed). We have 90 coe in the colors below (subject to change). There is an additional fee for colors-typically +$2 per precut but I max that fee out when purchasing more than 5 of the same color. Pink and red costs more. 

I cannot accept customer glass.

Do you offer discounts?
We are working artists ourselves so we try to offer our precuts low enough for both of us to make a profit. If you're interested in wholesale, please message. If you sign up for our mailing list at we occasionally send discount codes through email.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you have a business tax id, please send a photo of your business license with the state and number clearly visible for tax free shopping. (US buyers only)

Is 90 COE available?
Yes! All precuts in our shop can be cut in 90 COE. We have most colors in 90 COE. We use Bullseye Double Rolled. 90 COE has and additional cost from $1-$5 depending on the item due to increased material cost. Email for a custom order.

Can I rush my order?
Need your order quickly? Standard shipping is first class mail but you can upgrade to priority mail or priority mail express at checkout. This will not speed up the processing time however. If you’d like your order shipped next business day, you can pay to rush your order for $10 (may not be available for large orders). Message for rush shipping.