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YouTube-currently has soldering tutorials for our precut glass projects and patterns. New videos added monthly

Tiktok tutorials - scroll through the playlists at the top of my profile for quick videos 


We offer FLAT RATE $6 SHIPPING for all our art glass supplies linked below. Thanks for supporting our small business. See our Stained Glass Supplies

Materials I recommend: These are the materials I use, make substitutions if needed or use what you’ve got!

Pattern making-

  • I use Procreate on iPad. You can use good old sharpie and paper and a light table.
  • Scissors to cut out your pattern. They make scissors that remove the sharpie line for you, but I don't like them. Remember to cut away the sharpie line so your piece has enough space for foil and solder. 
  • Trace patterns on glass with a black sharpie, use gold for dark glass (some people use school glue sticks to stick pattern on glass and cut, do what works for you)

Stained Glass

  • 3mm thick stained glass is available from many retailers (see list below)
  • COE refers to glass for fusing, this is not relevant to stained glass work. You can use either or one that has no COE


  • glass cutter with a carbide cutting wheel: buy here
  • glass cutting oil (novacan brand)
  • glass cutting surface- try our non-slip cutting mat: buy here
  • I prefer to not put the oil in the cutter, it spits out too much that is not needed, simply dip your cutter in and cut. 
  • grozzing pliers for small pieces: buy here
  • Running pliers for breaking the glass away: buy here 
  • hitting the cut line with the back of your cutter does nothing. Stop it lol. Just use the pliers listed. Or press the backside of the glass on our cutting mat: buy here
Grinding Glass
  • There are many high dollar grinders on the market. I use a cheap Studio Pro Power Max II grinder and Two-fer brand grinding bits
  • Bits come in 1", 3/4", 1/4". You will mostly use 1"
  • Dish soap to wash your glass after grinding
  • Grinder station hack: tiktok video here: place your grinder in a large plastic storage container. Cut out a window on one side. Place a piece of glass or plexiglass over the container so you can see into it without getting hit in the face with glass shards. 

Copper Foiling

  • Comes in many sizes. I mostly use 7/32" but for tight curves I use 3/16". For thick glass use 1/4"
  • 7/32 black lined copper foil ( if you plan to use black patina) OR 7/32 copper foil ( if you plan to use copper patina) OR 7/32 silver lined copper foil (if you plan to not use patina). *The color of the foil back is only relevant if you’re using transparent glass
  • Studio Pro Brand from Diamond Tech Crafts; buy copper backed here or black backed here

  • Burnisher


  • Something to solder on, here’s some options
    • Solid Plywood 1 ft x 1 ft square (no particle board) or old wood desk

    • Homasote Board: buy here

    • High Temperature Soldering Mat (Hakko brand)

  • Soldering iron - Temperature controlled Hakko FX 601

  • Lead Solder 60/40- Amerway, Eagle, Mastercraft, Studio Pro all work well in 60/40 (Use lead free for things that will be touched often) 50/50 is great for inside seams in 3d projects

  • Stained Glass Flux -Novacan stained glass liquid flux

  • Hobby Brush to apply the flux- I get a large pack at Harbor Freight, for reference: tiktok video  

  • Small Cups or ramekins to hold your flux and patina

Cleaning, Polish, Hanging

  • Kwik-Clean Flux Cleaner (I’ve heard of success with CJs. Some people use dish soap and water but I have hard water so I only use Kwik-Clean.)

  • Scratch free green scrub pads- I buy the pack from Dollar Tree. Avoid the name brand ones, they are too abrasive. Steel Wool is also very effective (be sure to wear a respirator when using steel wool.

  • Paper Towels

  • Patina- this is optional
    Novacan black or copper depending on your preference. Make sure to match your copper foil to your patina.

  • Car Wax - Mother’s Brand, or any other car wax that doesn’t contain rubbing compound.

  •  Something for Hanging -jack chain (I buy this from Sunshine Stained Glass, fishing line, twine, ribbon, etc.


Where to Buy Materials

  • Blue Hill Glass: We offer many stained glass tools and supplies including cutting mats, cutters, pliers, copper foil and more! See More Here We offer FLAT RATE $6 SHIPPING
  • Local glass studio - Always try to support local if you can. There will be more selection and advice with every purchase.

  • SW Art Glass
  •  Anything in Stained Glass

  • Sunshine Glassworks