Glass Art Commissions

Custom Orders

We are taking commissions on a very limited basis. Taking on customs depends on several factors but we tend to gravitate towards portraits, horror, fan art and nature. If we don’t feel it’s something we could do well or passionately, we may decline the sale. I can always refer you to another artist if that happens.

Custom Portraits

A custom portrait such as the piece above is $850. Price goes up based on factors such as size, 3D elements, if painting is needed. Please send a few photos of your loved one to for a quote.
For Pet Portraits visit here.

Custom Stained Glass Business Logo Panels 

Starts at $950 for something like below around 24”x18”, came boarder. Add wood frame boarder for $30 a ft. 

Long business names will need to be done in fused glass like below. These have an additional fee of $200

Custom Business Logo Fused Glass Signs

Starts at $250,  5”x8” for something like below 

Custom Couple Portraits

Custom couple portraits will be around $975-$1200. Price depends on size, number of pieces, if glass fusing or painting is necessary and complexity of pieces (the smaller the pieces of glass needed in the design, the more complex)


We are not taking on any repairs at this time. 

For everything else-

  1. The idea you have and a couple reference photos.
  2. Tell me a rough estimate of size (do you want it to fit in a certain sized window? The more detailed the piece, the larger it needs to be—stained glass pieces have a limit on how small they can be.
  3. If you have a specific budget you need to adhere to let me know as well so I can tell you if it’s possible at that price.
  4. Please take the time to view our work to get an idea of the base price ranges for different sized and number pieces. Customs will always have a higher price tag due to them being one of a kind. 
  • I am currently not taking any orders for items under $100. Custom simple suncatchers (6”)such as animals, start at $100.
  • I will email back a price range I am thinking and if you’d like to proceed I will request a $40 deposit for my pattern making time (goes towards your total) or you can just pay the full price.  I will then draft the pattern for your approval. Once you approve you can pay the invoice I send you. Price may be higher or lower than quoted but not by much. The processing time quoted begins once you pay. 
  • Once started, customs cannot be refunded or returned. We're happy to work with you to find your vision. Custom orders take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the piece. Just message us and we'll find the perfect piece for you.

😅 I think I’ve covered everything I can think of but if you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.